El Yunque Rainforest Drive
Take a drive to the northeastern central area of the island for sightseeing at El Yunque Rain Forest, one of the 28 official finalists of the competition New7Wonders.
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Evening Bacardi Experience
The tour starts with a short escorted walk to ferry terminal #1 where guests will be boarding a ferry ride across the bay.
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Our Cooperative was founded in 1968 and since its beginnings has been known for providing exclusive ground transportation and tour services for the cruise ship and hotel industry.

Our Coop is the largest, most reliable and experienced services provider in the Island and our drivers and tour guides are licensed and certified by the Tourism Company. Throughout the years we have made many changes to meet the high demands and new challenges within the industry. We have accomplished to set the best quality standards by offering our clients security, confidence, punctuality and diversity.

At Tour Coop we “speak your language” and understand what is required to make your program successful from arrival to departure: itinerary logistics, budget management, meet and greet, tour destinations and much more. We are a highly competitive organization and our objective is to offer our customers a professional service at an affordable price.

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Planifica con tiempo como celebrar junto a tus secretarias...
Posted: 2/18/2010
Tour Coop New Web Site
Posted: 2/10/2010
Our New web site will allow you to follow up on latest news on this board stay tunned.